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Mould analysis and expert report

Have you noticed something peculiar on your holdings? Are you worried it’s mould? We’ll find out for you.

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Preventive analysis and expert report

You would like to protect your holdings from damage, but aren’t sure what the right solution is. We identify the risks and advise you on preventive measures.

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Logistics and inventory

Two absolute musts for smooth recovery and remediation: logistics and inventory. We continually improve our standards and develop solutions for complex jobs.

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Recovery and stabilisation

Have your holdings been damaged? Do you need help? docusave specialists are ready to step in – and to organise the recovery and stabilisation operation.

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Initial intervention

Before treating objects that are contaminated with mould, we take initial measures so that you can define your priorities – and save money

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Vacuum freeze-drying

Wet or damp objects are frozen dry in our vacuum freeze-drying system. It’s our speciality.

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Leave the professional cleaning of your holdings to us. Our facility is well-equipped, and our specialists are precise and efficient.

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Cleaning archives

Your archives need cleaning, but you have neither time nor staff for the job? docusave specialists are happy to help.

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If your holdings are infested with harmful microorganisms such as mould, decontamination is necessary. Our skilled professionals will solve the problem.

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Decontaminating archives

Have you detected slight yet visible mould growth some of on your holdings? Professional treatment is needed – and we’re ready to step in.

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The term repackaging means replacing damaged, no longer serviceable folders, coverings, binders or archival boxes. Repackaging is part of the remediation phase.

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It’s often necessary to re-label water-damaged archival boxes or binders that have been damaged by water. We have various methods to get the job done.

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X-ray irradiation

X-ray irradiation is a last resort in cases of exceptionally severe microbiological contamination. The treatment is carried out by a certified company in Switzerland.

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Odour neutralisation

The acrid smells that cling to fire-damaged books – or the musty odours of binders and paper – are unpleasant and hard to get rid of. We know how to neutralise them.

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Would you like to create a digital record of documents that are contaminated with mould or otherwise damaged? docusave knows how to get the job done.

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Mould-infested or soiled documents that must be preserved by law can be decontaminated – or they can be kept sealed until the duty to preserve them expires.

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Long-term quarantine storage

What should you do with mouldy documents that aren’t worth the cost of remediation – but that you’re legally obliged to preserve? docusave has a solution.

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Education and training

Would you like to improve your practical skills and expand your theoretical knowledge? We offer courses that help you protect your documents.

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Climate monitoring

Would you like to install an autonomous climate control system? Do you need professional advice? You’ve come to the right address.

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Restoration and bookbinding

At docusave, we don’t carry out restoration or bookbinding ourselves. We outsource this work to specialised studios that have earned our trust over the years.

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Special requests

Do you have a situation that isn’t covered by our standard services? In that case, you’ve come to the right place.

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Emergency response plan

Do you need help with developing or revising an emergency response plan? Take advantage of our extensive experience in dealing with disasters.

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Emergency response skills

Is there an emergency? Having the right knowledge will help you deal with a crisis. You’ll be more confident, avoid errors – and limit damage.

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Emergency equipment RescueKit Water

You need to package damaged objects quickly, safely and professionally on site? You’re looking for a digital tool to conduct inventory during the recovery operation?

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