The perfect combination: emergency equipment, digital indexing and knowledge.

Our RescueKit Water is a ready-to-use package containing basic materials to ensure that archives, libraries, institutions, governmental offices and companies are prepared in case of water damage.


  • 100 docusave standard cardboard boxes (max. DIN A3)
  • 4 one-way pallets (ISPM 15)
  • Packing tape
  • Packing tape dispenser
  • Permanent marker
  • All-purpose bags, polyethylene PE
  • Packaging instructions
  • 100 QR code labels
  • Inventory tool Emergency Inventory System (EIS)*

*The use of EIS is free of charge, provided docusave is commissioned with further treating water-damaged materials.


Size 120 x 80 x 137 cm
Weight 330 kg

Your advantage.

With our RescueKit Water, you have the right materials at hand and can immediately take action. By being well-prepared, you also fulfil your responsibility to protect your holdings. All components in the RescueKit are of excellent quality and have been tested in the field. They’re based on a concept that is incorporated into docusave’s overall system. This ensures a smooth transition into the remediation phase, secures quality – while also saving time and money.

Digital inventory – Emergency Inventory System EIS.

Access to docusave’s Emergency Inventory System (EIS) comes with the purchase of a RescueKit. Participation in the introductory workshop is required to receive the access key to use EIS. As an integral part of the RescueKit, the use of EIS to inventory objects in the event of water damage is essential. A thorough inventory creates the best conditions for further treatment.

With EIS, digitally indexing your objects as you package them is simple, safe and efficient. (System requirements: iOS operating system, stand-alone, no internet connection needed.) The unique, code-based allocation guarantees object tracking, legal certainty and traceability. Using EIS ensures secure, seamless data management throughout the entire intervention, from recovery to treatment and, lastly, returning the objects to their original location. 

If your company commissions docusave with further treating water-damaged materials (vacuum freeze-drying, for example), you may use EIS for this treatment phase free of charge. The data collected can be used for conducting digital triage (prioritisation) on a box-by-box basis (not an object-by-object basis). If a company other than docusave is responsible for further treating water-damaged objects after freezing, a fee is levied for the use of EIS and the data recorded.

Introductory workshop.

Included in the purchase price is a two-hour workshop where you learn and practise correct use of the RescueKit. Specialists with extensive experience at damage sites familiarise you with the basic principles of on-site damage management and in how to use the packaging materials. In addition, you learn how the digital inventory system functions and have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge in practical exercises. Participation is mandatory for gaining access to EIS.

If more than 50 linear meters of documents have water damage, we recommend that you make use of our recovery services. For large associations, depots or organisations, we recommend our RescueBundle. More information upon request.