DCM Docusave Climate Monitoring.

Would you like to test the quality of the air in your archives? Over a two-week period, our climate mapping system reveals the critical points.

How climate mapping works.

In our climate mapping system, temperature and humidity levels in a room are captured in a simplified 3D model over a two-week period. The data collected help us identify the climatically sensitive points in the room, which is where the data loggers are then placed. The size of the room determines how many devices are installed. The additional radio mapping system is used to validate the best position for gateways and the loggers.

Climate and radio mapping form the basis for making a recommendation on the optimal placement of the instruments. When the DCM Docusave Climate Monitoring system is installed in your archival space, we’re with you every step of the way.

Your advantage.

Because our monitoring system has an internet connection, you can access the most recent data whenever you like. The loggers are small and easy to place, and the data are transmitted via radio signals. No additional electrical installations are necessary. Notifications can be sent in different ways (via text message or e-mail, for example).

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