docusave digitises contaminated and damaged records.

Creating a digital record of paper documents has become a sought-after solution.

Problems when scanning documents.

Digitising mould- or water-damaged documents is challenging. Due to deformation and soiling, some documents are no longer legible and thus impossible to scan. In addition to the fact that contaminated objects could interfere with the functioning of the sensitive scanning equipment, the work also poses a danger to the staff responsible for the task. At docusave, our specialists have addressed these problems and developed a tried and tested scanning method. Rather than decontaminating water-damaged documents page by page after drying, we use our professional and reliable equipment to digitise them immediately, which saves you time and money.

Digitisation and safety.

We follow Suva guidelines for dealing with contaminated objects and we uphold the highest safety standards in the negative-pressure chamber. Our specialists use high-performance and professional overhead scanners for paper formats from A4 to A0. In addition to taking on large-scale scanning assignments for contaminated records in A4 formats, we also offer one-off scans for documents such as blueprints and maps up to a format of A0.

Preparing documents for scanning.

Before scanning, all documents are pre-treated according to the kind and degree of damage (deformation, mould, soiling).