Is it mould? Our professional analysis delivers results.

If you think you’ve detected mould growth on dry or damp (but not wet) objects, we recommend an on-site analysis.

Measuring airborne germs and sampling wall materials.

In our experience, measuring airborne germs to confirm mould growth doesn’t deliver conclusive results, as very few people visit archival storage spaces and the air there is rarely disturbed. If mould contamination is already present, it can be measured on horizontal surfaces, especially if mycelia have already formed. Collecting wall samples is useful for examining structural aspects of a building, but the method provides no information about mould growth on an object’s surface. 

Advantages of a docusave analysis.

The analysis is the starting point for making an exact assessment of your holdings. Only when this step is complete can we design a made-to-measure solution that reflects the situation on the ground. The findings from the analysis also lay the basis for future decisions. This information makes it possible to clearly differentiate between necessities, wants and measures while also designating responsibility for carrying out the specific tasks (your staff or docusave’s team).