We help you save your holdings.

Capable on-site damage management requires careful planning, good leadership and flawless organisation. Our specialists know which professional measures will minimise damage, and they’re ready to step in on short notice.


Materials with water damage are extremely sensitive to any kind of intervention, and they should be professionally frozen as soon as possible after recovery. Time is of the essence, and the sooner your objects are frozen, the lower the risk of additional damage. An object has been stabilised only after it is frozen through at temperatures of at least minus 22 degrees Celsius; this protects it against sticking, mould growth, corrosion, deformation and other damage such as smearing in the case of water-soluble inks. After the objects are frozen, you can take your time to decide on the next steps. Our specialists are happy to advise you.

docusave has in-house freezing units as well as pallet storage racks in frozen storage warehouses located in Switzerland.