emergency document recovery in case of water and fire damage

Emergency hotline
+41 33 346 87 87

What to do in an emergency.

When clients contact us immediately after disaster strikes, our specialists can intervene quickly, coordinate the response operation – and put a halt to the damage.

1. Contact us.

Don’t hesitate to call. We’re ready to offer you competent, professional advice. No matter whether the damage concerns sensitive materials or a large number of objects – and even when the details are difficult to assess – we’re here to help. Our specialists work with all concerned to evaluate the situation, design a strategy and create the necessary logistical structures to carry out the recovery operation.

At docusave, we maintain emergency material for approximately 800 linear metres of documents. We also have the necessary freezer transport and storage capacities to meet your needs. The main goal is preventing the damage from spreading. 

Our specialists offer expert advice 24 hours a day (free of charge) and are ready to step in without delay to save your objects.

2. Contact us.

  • Tell us what happened.
  • Where did it happen?
  • What kind of material has been damaged?
  • How much damage?
  • What condition are the objects in?
  • How valuable are they?
  • Has the site been contaminated (mud, sewage, heating oil, soot, mould)
  • How can the area be accessed (by lift, for example)?
  • Please send photos of the damage.
  • Contact your insurance company.

3. Keep a cool head.

Most mistakes happen in the first few hours after disaster strikes. Stay calm and leave the recovery and stabilisation operation to our team of trained and experienced professionals. This is especially important, as the right measures to secure the situation will save money and protect your objects. We’re ready to step in.

4. Packaging instructions.

Click the link to find instructions for packaging damp, wet or fire-damaged objects.


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