Perfectly prepared for a disaster.

An emergency response plan is an ideal way to prepare both you and your company for a crisis.

Our experience is your advantage.

You only know for certain how good your emergency response plan is when disaster strikes. We’ve managed many such crises, and this experience is incorporated into our preventive work. We take a “bird’s-eye view” of a situation, and our approach addresses all aspects, from conservation and restoration, on to the mechanisms that impact holdings during the acute phase, up to remediation.

Core components of the emergency response plan.

  1. Alert system
  2. Recovery plan
  3. Emergency plan
  4. Emergency response profile

Alert system.

The alert system defines the sequence of events in the alerting process (communications pathways), details the steps in the process and assigns tasks and competences for all involved in the response.

Recovery plan.

The recovery plan coordinates logistics (emergency materials and infrastructure) and the recovery operation. It incorporates the information collected during our initial analysis: materials, situation-specific conditions and time constraints. Conducting inventory during the recovery operation ensures that the damage is recorded, and it guarantees legal certainty while also reproducing the indexing system at your archives or library. In addition, taking inventory makes it possible to track and access a damaged object during the remediation phase.

Emergency plan.

The emergency plan describes each and every step in the individual stages of a disaster response, from the time the alert is given to the end of the recovery operation. Instructions and checklists have been created to help structure and manage these extraordinary situations. In the emergency plan, roles, responsibilities and tasks are clearly defined. And as always: good communication skills are essential.

Emergency-response profile.

The emergency-response profile provides information on what your team must be able to do in order to respond capably in an emergency.

Services in our emergency response plan.

  • We help you develop structures, working aids and crisis-management tools that are tailored to your situation
  • We offer process-oriented advice to develop the best-possible preventive measures
  • We support you in acquiring made-to-measure emergency-response skills.
  • We advise you on the purchase of emergency materials for your holdings.