We remove harmful microorganisms.

Surfaces infested with microorganisms must be decontaminated.

Quality management – control is better.

The effectiveness of a chosen intervention can be validated through an ATP/AMP test with a photometer, an instrument also used in hospitals and the food industry to test hygiene levels. In just a few seconds, the photometer registers the degree of visible and invisible overall contamination through microbiological and organic residues; the results are given in “relative light units” or RLU. The upper limit in archives is 3,000 RLU. As a rule, we aim for values below 1,000 RLU. With this testing method, we can make a quick, simple and non-invasive before-after comparison to see how effective a decontamination intervention has been. 

Targeted interventions for hazardous contamination.

After a fire, written documents, library holdings and artwork that have been contaminated by harmful soot particles, ashes or the residue of firewater – or that have been exposed to heavy metals or sewage – all require specific treatments. These targeted interventions are another of our specialities.