professional drying and remediation

Water damage is the most common problem in archives. 

Water will always find a way. And when water infiltrates archives or storage facilities, the consequences can be devastating.

Fire damage.

Fires are rare, but all the more devastating. A major problem in such events is that the fire-fighting agents and water used to extinguish a fire will also damage holdings. However, the right reactions and techniques make it possible to save objects that were believed lost.

In every fire, pollutants are produced that form deposits on the surface of objects. In addition to the unclean water used to fight fires, this harmful residue – ash, soot and smoke particles – presents a danger to people, materials and the environment. Last but not least is the acrid smell that clings to materials. Fire-damaged objects are extremely fragile, and every unprofessional intervention will leave its traces. At docusave, we recover and treat these objects with our proven systems and technical expertise.