on-site damage management

On-site damage management – first and foremost: clear guidelines, perfect organisation.

Capable on-site damage management leaves nothing to chance. Each situation must be assessed and evaluated correctly, quality measures guaranteed and logistics secured.


The first step is a professional assessment and evaluation of the damage. Here, we draw on our experience with suitable remediation techniques and our knowledge of how various factors are interconnected and what effects a measure potentially has. Throughout the entire recovery process, it’s vital that all changes are recognised quickly and addressed accordingly. In addition to perfect organisation and good leadership, the right recovery materials are also decisive. Carefully documenting our interventions and ensuring full traceability is a point of pride. Our digital inventory tool compiles a record of the progress and the location of all objects recovered. This ensures legal certainty and transparency vis-à-vis third parties (insurance companies, conservator-restorers). Having detailed documentation also protects against loss of materials and data.

Our services:

  • Systematic, extremely gentle, situation-specific recovery techniques
  • Measures to minimise damage and loss
  • Securing and stabilising damaged objects (freezing)
  • Interim and external storage of intact materials
  • Quarantine facilities for contaminated materials
  • Computerised system to index the organisation structure of archival material or a library’s inventory and to ensure the traceability of all objects during the recovery and remediation process
  • A team of specialists
  • Logistical support for transports, cold storage, interim storage and recovery equipment
  • Assistance in identifying risk and assessing damage
  • Support in triage work (preliminary assessment, setting priorities)