docusave at the IADA Symposium OSLO 2017

15.02.2017 15:42:33 | docusave, Eva Grandjean

IADA - International Symposium - OSLO, 3 - 5 May 2017    
From Generation to Generation - Sharing Knowledge, Connecting People

How logistics and leadership influence the results of drying water damaged books

Disasters – large or small – happen regularly and pose a threat to our cultural heritage. Sharing knowledge and connecting people is essential in minimizing the loss of value. This workshop will provide an overview of the impact of logistics and leadership on the process of recovery after a disaster. How does one bring structure and quality management into a situation that is not an everyday occurrence?  In this workshop the emphasis is on a practical approach. Participants are asked to work on case studies.

This workshop is organized by docusave, a Swiss company specialized in the rescue, securing, drying and recovery of all kinds of water or fire damaged documents, works of art and cultural heritage, photographs, video magnetic tapes and similar sensitive materials damaged by water or fire.

Led by: Giuliano Mordasini and Jakob Kristoffersen (docusave)
Number of attendees: max 20
09:00 – 15:00 / English / Price: FREE

Dieser Kurs wird auch in deutscher Sprache im Herbst 2017 bei docusave in der Schweiz angeboten.