Management on Site

The most important task of the rescue services is to concentrate on the rescue and safety of people and animals and then on the disaster itself. The rescue of the damaged material is last on their list.

Here is where docusave takes the lead. docusave can, when called in time, systematically intervene and put the correct professional measures into place and then use the least invasive rescue techniques to reduce an escalation of the damage, the destruction process of materials and the cost of reconstruction significantly.

Systematic Recovery Method

Our recovery experts work according to a clearly defined, well-worked out concept which is designed to fit each individual case. Our ultimate aim is to keep damage to a minimum. In this phase of the damage management our expertise on the dynamics of the event, the recognition and evaluation of the escalation levels play an important part, especially concerning the recovery costs.

We are also specialized in the triage (initial assessment/prioritizing). The first stage in the triage takes place on the disaster site where we decide, according to the level of damage and the material, which wet documents should be frozen, dried using conventional methods or disposed of. If need be, we use kurecon mobile rescue containers specially designed for cultural assets.