The amount of remediation work depends on the result of our analysis of the damage and the microbiological test results. 

What happens to the archival material?

A gentle form of restoration of the material can mean a simple external cleansing method. If, however, in inner rooms a strong, possibly toxic, intolerable species of mould can be identified then other measures need to be taken. In this case sterilisation through irradiation is called for, the harmful allergenic mycelium is removed mechanically and the material transferred to another location, if necessary. 

What happens in the archive room?


Disinfection of the shelves, frames and the floor 
Disinfection of the room, e.g. through using cold vapour atomisation* 
depending on the extent of the infestation
Removal of the inventory to other premises if necessary


Customer/Remediation Company 


Repairwork on defective building constructions if necessary 
Creating ideal climatic conditions, humidity 45 - 55 %,
temperature 14° - 18° C


 * Before using cold vapour atomisation to disinfect a room, make sure that all books and documents have been removed to another location.