The Mycelium with its toxic and allergenic properties is removed using diverse cleansing methods. The technique used is determined by the kind of material, extent of contamination and the intended use. Through biomonitoring (a method which defines pollutants/microorganisms through repeated observation, monitoring and measuring) their efficiency is under continual control.

The cleansing process is carried out using a black and white dividing system, i. e. the material that has already been cleansed is kept apart from contaminated material.

The graph shows the docusave-cleansing process. The electronically run process serves as a tool for quality control. Each and every stage of the process is defined and documented according to the damage of the material and its reaction to the treatment. Likewise measured data ascertained through biomonitoring of the individual objects is saved through the QR-Code (QR = "quick response", a two-dimensional code). Information referring for example to the inventory data is saved in the complex pixel patterns.