Our damage experts visit the site in order to establish the reason for mould growth. Only then, when the exact reason for the mould growth has been found, is restoration advisable, and only then can the right measures be put into place.

Our analytical package (1 day) 

•   Analysis of the cause
    found in the building construction

e.g. damp walls or brickwork, ground water

•   Analysis of the infestation 

With the help of microbiological experiments and laboratory analyses we are able to define what we have to deal with and also determine the exact extent of the infestation. We classify the potential hazards for the mould-infected documents, books etc. as well as potential health risks for people who come into contact with the material, we recommend protective measures and take effective recovery measures. 

•   Inventory of the archival material

Evaluation of the amount, differentiation of objects 

•   Our Expertise 

including laboratory analysis

•   Our Offer


docusave uses the following microbiological tests: ATP/AMP test, samples of swab and adhesive film, Mycometer test

Warning! Mould growth in the room (PDF)

Microbiological tests (PDF)