Mould growth remediation

„Mould spores are an integral part of house dust and the surrounding air. They are ever present and therefore can also be found in all archives and in library storerooms. Their viability is, in principle, limitless. Usually mould spores don't affect our environment, but under suitable conditions they multiply and can pose a danger to human beings (especially people who suffer from allergies and people with a weak immune system) and they are a danger for archival documents (paper strength can be weakened through a decomposition of the cellulose).“ Recommendation taken from Bundeskonferenz der Kommunalarchive 3/14 beim Deutschen Städtetag, Unterausschuss Bestandserhaltung, Umgang mit Schimmel in Archiven, 2010-09-28/29, Dresden

Our Policy

The best way to treat mould growth is not to let it get started!

We can guarantee the best possible procedure in regard to material and the level of damage. This procedure is decided upon in accordance with our customers or institutions responsible and by taking into consideration their wishes and requirements.

Our Procedure

•    Analysis
•    Initial Intervention 
•    Remediation

The single use protective clothing with the "light" white mask worn by our employees on the photo below is suitable for
small-scale jobs (contaminated area < 0.5 m2) producing little dust and aerosols and for which only a low exposure
to biological contaminants is expected (< 1 hour).