How to pack damaged objects

11.06.2018 16:46:16 | docusave, Eva Grandjean

Damage reduction thanks to professional packing

The way water-damaged and/or fire-damaged objects are packed at the damage site plays a crucial role in their preservation. Inappropriate handling causes additional damage. It affects the quality of restoration and will lead to an inordinate increase in renovation costs. Wet objects should be packed differently than damp ones. Fire-damaged objects are particularly sensitive and in turn require a different packing technique. 

We will show you step by step how to do it. We ourselves are using these techniques by default, because they are tailored to our system and further processing with our vacuum freeze-drying plants. And because they have proven their worth in practice. 

Tip: With a stock of suitable packing and labelling material you can gain valuable time in an emergency. We will gladly assist you.

Instructions for packing damaged archive objects