Our Company


We are highly specialised!  A well-coordinated team! 
We are flexibel in every sense, except in terms of quality and security standard!

docusave is specialised in the rescue, securing, drying and recovery of all kinds of water or fire damaged documents, works of art and cultural heritage, photographs, video magnetic tapes and similar sensitive materials damaged by water or fire.

Our customers and clients include private individuals, SMEs, trust companies, notary's offices, law offices, banks, public administration offices, archives, libraries, museums, hospitals, international organisations etc. 

Our strength

•    over 20 years experience 

•    sound professional knowledge in the field of paper restoration  

•    salvage experts on over 1'000 disaster sites 

•   developement and application of advanced technology

•    regular research and continuing education activity 

•    customer orientation 

•    efficiency and high quality standards 

Our main business activities

  1. Risk analysis / preventive measures 

  2. Damage site management 

  3. Recovery (Vacuum freeze drying, cleansing, disinfection, irradiation, odour control, replacement of covers, bookbinding and restoration work)

  4. Research and Development (Optimising the treatment parameters, developing processes, developing software, construction of equipment) 

docusave is well connected and a member of various organisations and associations (IADA, SKR, SIGEGS, VSA, SGKGS). 

Our general terms and conditions GTC (in german)