Dynamic Vacuum freeze drying

The system that docusave has developed and produced itself is different from the other conventional methods of vacuum freeze drying which are used for example in the chemical and food industries. 

With the dynamic vacuum freeze drying method from docusave the drying process is continually attuned to the characteristics of the material and the type of damage. The software and hardware that we use have been specially designed to deal with the special requirements of damp and wet paper, leather, parchment, works of art and cultural heritage and other vulnerable materials. 

This optimal coordination between the software and hardware used in our systems guarantees a gentle and efficient drying of the material which helps to reduce the costs of bookbinding and restoration work on works of art and cultural heritage significantly. 

The procedure follows the guidelines given by the E.C.C.O. (European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations)

Where do the differences lie between conventional vacuum freeze drying systems and those of our docusave system

in the software for a dynamic drying process attuned to material and type of damage 

in the continual process without disruption 

in the module system, on pallets, transportable in a goods-lift or in a container 

in adjustable shelves so that various sizes of material can be dried