Digitizing damaged documents

12.04.2021 15:21:06 | docusave, Eva Grandjean

New offer: docusave digitises documents after water and mould damage


The digitisation of paper files that are subject to legal retention and whose retention period is still ongoing is becoming increasingly popular. But what if these documents are deformed, contaminated with mud particles and/or mould after water damage? docusave offers a safe solution.

Scanning contaminated documents 
If business documents that must be kept fall victim to water or moisture damage, contamination, deformation and/or mould are often the result. If a company is considering having its documents digitised anyway, this would be the right time. 

Scanning such damaged paper documents is a major challenge: Sometimes, due to deformation or contamination, not all data can be read or captured. There is a risk of contamination and impairment of the functionality of the sensitive scanning equipment as well as a risk of health hazards to the unprotected person scanning. docusave has dealt with these problems in detail and developed a scanning method that works. Instead of manually decontaminating the water-damaged documents sheet by sheet in a time-consuming process after drying, we offer the possibility to digitise them professionally and reliably.

Processing with a protection concept
We work in compliance with Suva-compliant protective measures for handling contaminated objects and under the highest safety standards in the negative pressure room. We use high-performance scanners and professional supervisory scanners for the gentle handling of sensitive papers from A4 to A0. We undertake bulk scans for contaminated files in A4 format, but also individual scans up to large format A0 such as plans. 

Preparing the documents for scanning
To ensure that the data can be digitised, the dry documents are specially prepared for scanning, depending on their condition: Stapling and bundling are loosened, because only individual sheets can be scanned. Metal parts such as staples and paper clips are also removed. All documents are pre-treated accordingly depending on the type and degree of damage (deformation, mould, contamination).

Examples of dried, water-damaged files before digitisation by docusave